Photo by Alfred Coello



Elisa Ferrari is a Los Angeles based documentary photographer.  She is a National Geographic Explorer for 2019 and a graduate from the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Texas at Austin where she studied liberal arts and ethnomusicology. Elisa is an alumni of the Eddie Adams Workshop class of XXVII and a member of Women Photograph and Authority Collective. She is interested in the relationship between communities and nature, particularly the role of culture in the face of climate change and globalization. 

Elisa's work has been featured in the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Lenscratch, Fotovisura, Visual-Culture, La Carte Blanche, the Austin-American Statesman, Gramophone, Moholy Ground, Road and Track, New Music Box, and New Music Coop, among others. Her photographs have been displayed at the Los Angeles Center for Photography, Kieran Gallery and the Piedmont Center for the Arts.

Elisa is a native Spanish speaker and is available for travel

Contact: 619.319.0134